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Light and space

    moderní funkcionalistická kuchyně

    Like a big opera scene. They provide the best facilities for their protagonists, they are themselves a work of art, yet remain in the background and incite a person to flourish.

    Kitchen design

    The current way of living in a single space brings together many functions. Kitchen, dining room and living room. This creates a very diverse space, filled with many things that are difficult to combine. Our functionalist kitchens are designed for such situations.

    Clean lines, balanced proportions easily fit into large interiors. The elegant expression is emphasised by the quality materials from which it is made. Lacquered cabinets, aluminium construction elements, natural Indian granite worktop. Part of this style is also the choice of hood, which consists only of pure white cylinder remaining so in the background.

    The combination of smooth velvet cabinets, precision aluminium frames and high-grade Indian granite worktop creates a harmonious whole of modern, timeless kitchen.

    návrh funkcionalistické kuchyně

    Preliminary design of a kitchen

    funkcionalistická kuchyně s ostrůvkem

    The main part of the kitchen accommodates everything needed for today’s modern kitchen.

    For better accessibility, the ovens are installed higher and also contain an electric heater.

    The kitchen is illuminated by large spotlights recessed into the ceiling.



    Kitchen island

    Kitchen Island is the only design element that separates the kitchen from the remaining living space.

    It consists of custom-made aluminium components and white lacquered cabinets combined with glass shelves. The island has a wide hob and a cylindrical hood.





    The pantry is set in a uniform kitchen area and blends in with the other doors.





    The counter-top and the wall cladding are made of dark Indian granite of black-green color.

    The worktop lighting is an LED strip that is milled in the bottom of the upper cabinets. A prerequisite for good cuisine is plenty of drawers in convenient locations. It is necessary to connect a coffee maker, kettle, toaster, blender and possibly other appliances.


    Cabinet handles consist of a thin aluminium bar milled into the edge of the white lacquered door.


    Motor drives

    Every installation is thoroughly checked to make sure everything is working properly.

    The upper cabinets have an electric drive for quick opening and closing.



    Aluminium frames

    The precision aluminium frames of the kitchen island are combined with glass shelves.