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The brotherly team of Igor and Aleš is a 3rd generation of David’s architects. They follow the work of their father Ing. Jiří David and grandfather, Ing. arch. Rudolf David, who began his architectural practice in the 1930s in Hradec Králové.

your house will be in newspapers


Every house should have a poet’s room

It is a room that is not for anything specific, but can be for everything. Such a room is …


We build our houses. The architect has always built his designs. Only the new era broke this tradition and split this activity. This is how we try to return to the roots.


source of information for every new builder

cutting through principles

Each design is individual and unique. The intersection of the functionalist and artistic principles; laboratory tube as a chandelier in the dining room.

unique house in Pysely

Refurbishment and extension of a functionalistic villa in Pysely

consulting for companies

New program:

You are thinking about development project, you will be investing serious amount of money and you do not have experience in this business

renaissance workshop

The workshop rediscovers and revives the traditional painting techniques of old masters.

Only because of the bridge connection, banks emerge as banks

“The bridge spans lightly and powerfully over the river. It does not only connects predetermined banks. Only thanks to the bridge connection do the banks emerge as banks. The bridge builds one bank against the other. The banks also do not stretch indifferently along the river as only the marginal strips of solid ground. The bridge, along with the banks, always brings the far distances of the landscapes behind both banks closer to the river. It brings the river and the bank and the country into the neighborhood. “

Martin Heidegger, Bauen – Wohnen – Denken

catalogue of houses

ready-made designs from our studio