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captain on the bridge!

    275m2; 4+1+studio+captain’s bridge+garage; Contemporary spacious house with big windows towards the garden.

    Studio for the visitors
    Visitors welcome, but your private space is maintained.

    Captain’s bridge
    On the flat roof is located “Captain’s Bridge”, a dedicated area with a terrace overlooking the countryside for undisturbed meditation. Part of the house is a generous garage, which also fits a motorcycle and the necessary things for maintaining the garden.

    House that opens into the garden.
    There is a covered terrace along the entire southern facade and all main living rooms open right there. Most bedrooms also have large windows facing the quiet garden. The garden is designed in Japanese style with a pond and a gazebo. On the roof is a wooden superstructure and a large roof terrace with unobstructed views of the landscape as from the ocean liner. Design and project of a family house surrounded by a Japanese garden. A bridge, like a wooden footbridge that spans a pond arm, or a bridge, like a control room to a captain in a roof superstructure. Modern family house is oriented north-south, so the orientation of the living room is ideal to the south and the garden. The three main living rooms – the living room, the dining room and the kitchen are facing the garden.

    The garden is designed in Japanese style and includes traditional elements. Water, bridge, stones, sea pebbles, tea gazebo and the like.