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The house, that stepped out


    The basis of the project was to extend it to the level of the main street line, roofing the original terrace with a pergola facing the garden and setting the receding floor on the roof. Step forward. It was extending the house towards the street to level with the others. Head. In the middle of the roof terrace is a superstructure of the last floor. Connecting spaces. The glassed-in winter garden extends slightly into the adjacent garden. House. Stability, center of gravity. The original terraced house was bricked out of light gas-silicate blocks and looked a bit uncertain when we woke it up with our intentions. The house is also not a basement. The whole thing seemed a little uncertain, like the house wasn’t really on the ground, it could blow it off. New works include completing the house towards the street, partially into the garden and adding a chimney. This meant a thorough foundation of these new constructions and their connection with the original house. A thorough foundation, complete replacement of all floor layers and a new concrete staircase from the ground floor to the first floor give the new house weight, center of gravity and stability. The next two floors already have a light, steel staircase. All of them are connected by massive oak treads. Light staircases then give the premises a sense of openness, space and freedom. At the same time, heavy foundations stabilise and anchor the house. That is why it was possible to give the upper floors more freedom to the full openness of the roof terrace. The ground floor surfaces are also raw and heavy. Cast basalt tiles in the hall, concrete screed in the garage and solid oak planks in the winter garden, and tiles in the bathroom giving the impression of stone. These mostly raw and heavy motifs do not repeat above. On the contrary, everything relaxes and relieves. However, the basic motif of the interior design is the simple white color of walls, doors and doorframes, windows, window sills and built-in furniture. And glass. In an even less inconspicuous way, the interior space can no longer be defined. The surface itself and the material are not enforced, they are stepped on and let the very essence of the house rise to fill the interior space.


    The main tasks for the project were to solve the following details:

    • connection of glass floor to new facade. This task would be complained about that just in place of the expansion joint
    • facing brick facade with all details
    • integration of window blinds into the facade
    • connecting the extension to the street at the level of the foundation and all other floors
    • uncovering the original roof structure and adjusting for adjusting the receding floor


    In detail


    It is double as material. It divides and connects the premises. 1 / Glass in the frame – window, door. It is an opening through which adjacent spaces intersect and interact but do not mix. 2 / Glass without frame – wall, door. It has a unique property to form a no-boundary. It divides the space between itself and places a border between them, but at the same time it allows the space to flow freely. The new house is supposed to have another important feature. She’s supposed to be unfinished in some sense. It is supposed to be a kind of platform, which is settled and completed by a person who will have a home here. Finished house. The house drawn to the last detail of the interior will be beautiful, like a luxury hotel room, but also impersonal. And it certainly is not home.

    How function imprints itself to the design

    High window

    The kitchen is a workspace and enough light is needed to work. There is also a dining table in the kitchen and it is further away, so the window is high so that the light reaches the depth of the room.

    Narrow window

    The low window is much more intimate. And intimacy belongs to the bedroom. It almost resembles a visor. In addition, the bedroom is directed to the street, to the public space. All the more so it was necessary to hide it. Both of these shapes were created inside, from the structure of the house, and they went down into the very appearance. The strange thing is that although each other is the whole house looks harmonious and compact.

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