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    House unique, like a suit from famous SAVILE ROW

    Do you know the feeling of a perfect suit. It feels, as if you were born for it. With our house you will have a feeling, as if you had bought the whole Savile Row. Our houses and designs are tailored to fit perfectly and engineered to every detail, like a suit from famous London’s street.

    Unique architecture & design to every detail. The house, every room and every peace of furniture is cared for and is originaly designed and manufactured. Our designs have been tested and are proven by time. Everything is manufactured by experienced suppliers with the best materials.

    To every new house we approach with plain table and blanc papers, no preconceptions.

    Feeling of space, free breath, like a fresh breeze on the mountains. Calm. Free.

    Your house is uniquely designed from within.  It will seamlessly accommodate your daily routines as well as special occasions and different moods so you and your family can enjoy the home every day and do whatever you want to do.

    Room for every occasion:

    Mens realms. Study

    Generous main living space

    Cooking like a chef. DIVA kitchen

    Girl’s escape. Ladies room.

    Just be on your own. Capsulas

    Big Garage with a shop

    Ready for every situation:

    Morning rush

    Evening ease

     Out for a holiday, house is safe and under control

    Summer heat with window walles wide open to let the nature in

    Winter mood by the fireplace


    Monte Rosa. Mountain escape hut at the back of your garden

    Orangery. Conservatory

    Captain`s roof deck. 



    You are invited for a welcome drink to tell us about your unique house expectations. We will take you through the whole process from the beginning to the handing over of the keys from your new house.

    The delivery process in short:

    1. Welcome drink
    2. Getting serious, setting up the brief
    3. Design
    4. Formation of legal documentation
    5. Formation of construction documents
    6. Interior design
    7. Construction
    8. Commissioning and functionality testing
    9. Furnishing
    10. Finish & handing over the keys

    House rooms

    Sheltered terrace

    It is actually a room outside.  An attractive place on the edge of the house and garden, place to indulge every moment. Part of this room is obviously a canopy, so the terrace can be used most of the year, protected from the rain and sun. Terrace can be extended with summer kitchen.

    Extra room upstairs-Ladies room

    Man’s domain in the house is usually a Study, or Library, or even a workshop, but what about woman? It is not a Bedroom, sometimes it is. It is not a kitchen. It is often bathroom. Place, where she can be on her own or even have a chat with daughters or close friend. Perfect room is Ladies room. It must be comfortable and nicely furnished room, not necessarily big, but with a small bathroom. It should  be furnished with table and armchair and sofa big enough to sleep on, so she can stay here overnight or have a close friend or a family member stay here. It would also be her room for whatever hobbies she might have.

    Roof top

    Roof is an interesting place. It is a highest place in the house showing the best views around, like from the captain’s bridge. It is also a distant, remote place, giving a person high perspective view and opportunity to calm down and relax. It is regularly a place, where everybody finds his or hers way. A must is a big sliding window and a terrace, where small or bigger companies can meet and enjoy the view. It can be small studio, library or just relax and wellness place. Adjacent would be a bar kitchen and small bathroom to give a space complete independence. By the big window you can have even during winter feeling of outside nature with comfort of the house. The terrace itself may be equipped with outside kitchen unit with water and sink and a room for a grill to give it a touch of absolute ease and comfort.

    The three inseparables: living room-kitchen-dining

    It is most common in modern, contemporary houses to not to separate these three spaces. Everybody comes here. Everybody is being dragged here. For a lunch, a drink, or just a bit of a snack. Despite a lot of men cook, it is females domain. It is important to have a kitchen designed for work, not just design peace. It must be welcoming place, because no matter how big your house is, you all meet in the kitchen. Therefore a kitchen is a multipurpose place with small parts dedicated for special use. Coffee point. For example coffee, or tea. You want to have a nice coffee machine to make a good coffee and the coffee machine always sits on the work top.  So we have allocated a decent piece of a kitchen top for making a coffee or tea and prepare a small snack. Wine point. Maybe you like to have a drink or glass of wine with your friends, family, or just yourself. For this purpose, there is also a place dedicated for this single purpose.

    Smokers corner

    If required

    Guest suite. Have guests with all the comfort while you don’t lose yours.

    You want to invite some friends, or a member of a family and you want to give them comfortable accommodation. On the other hand, you don’t want to give up your privacy and dayly customs, you don’t want to limit yourself. The best solution is a separate suit, hotel-style suite, with bathroom and even small kitchenette.

    Designers workshop

    Whether you like it or not, there is a good reason to have a minimal toolset within reach for some small repairs.

    All time classics: ironing table, mop, vacuum cleaner. Where to put them.

    The garden has to be taken care of. Mower and some tools.

    Big garage. Also for bike or motorbike and some storage.

    Monte Rosa. Mountain refuge hut right on your garden.

    Orangery. Outside atelier, or workshop,  place to prepare plants and store them for the winter.

    We understand, that you are building the house for your family with places, where you can meet up. We are also aware, that everybody needs a place for his, or her own, so you can do whatever you want to do, whether listen to the music, play the drums, read a book, watch your favourite program or just ease down in your own world.

    The places within the house are designed so you can meet your family, friends as well as be on your own. We understand, that all members of the family need their own space, whether it is an apartment, a room or just a favourite seating by the window. We are designing the house, so your daily routines will be something to enjoy as well as your free time.


    Interior is designed as a scene of a big opera. Its a backgroung, that is inspirating for its players.

    Individual Care is our way of designing and building houses, apartments and interiors for individual investors.
    Keystone of our approach is a focus on your everyday life, so you can just enjoy your new home and do whatever you want.

    Individual Care means setting your desires free.We care, where you put your keys, when you open the door and enter your home. Where you meet with your family or where you sit, when you want to be just on your own.
    To achieve these goals means, that we are concern about the whole process of designing, permitting and building the house. We are choosing best technical solutions, best and adequate materials and supervizeing quality of works. Designing and building is a personal matter for us.

    Our way:
    Every project is new for us. Each client is different personality,every plot is different. Therefore We individually design for your house or apartment crystal chandeliers, chests, etc.

    Test ride:
    Architecture and Design process is a personal matter. To decide for your architect is a risky business and without any experience even more. So you have to get some experience how the work would proceed prior of appointing him for the whole job. For this purpose we are providing a “Test ride”. Test ride is a brief designing process through which we let you experience work with our team and decide whether you want to continue with
    us for a symbolical price.

    Usually Test ride starts with a meeting, where we listen to your ideas. Then we put down first ideas about how we would sort out and design your house or apartment. After that we would meet again and discuss our proposals and present a summary of the job.

    If you want to start with a test ride, please contact us and we can arrange an introductory meeting.