luxury on a top floor

Our task was to design this unique apartment with a living room of almost 100 m2, three bathrooms and four bedrooms into a modern and comfortable living. The biggest task was to design a huge room with a beautiful view of Prague. In the middle, we created a wall that divides the space. On the one hand, it is an attractive area to hang paintings, and on the other it creates nooks and crannies by a window with a library and two chairs.

Interior design

The basis of the interior design is the overall layout and layout of the furniture. This is followed by the selection of the main materials, especially floors, walls and doors, which will intersect the entire apartment

Holy Trinity

Kitchen-dining-living room

A separate task is almost always to solve this main living space, especially when it is almost 100m2. The aim must be to create a harmonious whole that meets all the functions they have. The choice of materials and the design of the individual pieces of furniture must therefore be sparse and prudent.


knihovna v obývacím pokojiLibrary wall

Library wall design in living room. The bookcase is designed in white lacquered shelves with solid wooden drawers.

návrh stěny obývacího pokoje


Clean lines of lacquered kitchen in precision made aluminium frames.

Reader’s niche

In the niche between the kitchen and the living room there is a room just for two comfortable upholstered chairs and the wall of the library, which partially encloses the space and creates a pleasant semi-privacy.

Hidden office

At home you often need to print something, but nobody wants a home to look like an office. We placed these propriets in a discreet white dresser, where they do not disturb and are at hand.

Man’s room

The men’s room is designed in a combination of gray lacquered cabinets and solid walnut.

Antechamber with bathroom

White lacquered chest of drawers with upholstered leather top in women’s antechamber with a comfortable bathroom.

Girl’s bedroom

The ladies’ anteroom is followed by a girl’s bedroom with its own dressing room, library and pink sofa

The shop

Instead of tool box, there is a separate workshop with massive pony and red vise


Built-in wardrobes in the entrance hall.