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refurbishment of grand villa in Prague-Orechovka

    Design and build of a historical villa in Prague 6, Orechovka. (Private investor)

    Reconstruction of the First Republic villa step by step

    Architecture and design of house reconstruction. When designing the reconstruction of a turnkey villa and gardens, we have basically two options for dealing with the architecture of the house.

    In one case, the designer significantly interferes with the materials. We are building a new “wing”, a new “floor”, “opening” the walls to the original house, etc. So we are dealing with the situation, how to combine the new architecture of the house or build on the original.
    Or the second case, where we do not interfere significantly with the masses, but we want to adapt the existing building to the modern style and comfort of living. That was our assignment. In this case, it is rather in an architectural study not to depreciate the original “genius loci” even if the work is not from a famous architect, but to revive it in the current concept. (Imagine the opposite, reconstructing the house exactly to its original form, which might seem to be the best for the house.) it seemed a bit like a museum. And the museum is probably not comfortable living.

    Combining history with contemporary lifestyles Even a more sensitive reconstruction is an important link with today’s world. The family house is used differently than a hundred years ago, it has a different spirit.

    Today’s property is more about technology and autonomy that care about our comfort than just “shelter.”
    The internal structure of the house is more complex than in the past.
    Ventilation with recuperation and cooling takes care of ventilation in winter and summer,
    electronics guard the house and connect us with the world,
    house units each have a virtual “face”
    the entrance and entrance to the house will never freeze.
    The kitchen is no longer a “technical” background, but part of the living space.
    Almost the same is true with the bathroom, or the number of bathrooms is increasing, that almost every bedroom has its own.

    To put it simply, the reconstruction aims to make the best use of the historical potential of the original house, to support it and to connect it with the modern world in order to make it pleasant, comfortable and practical to live in.

    Drawings of a refurbishment