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    Unique reconstruction of the functionalist villa and its organic extension, which may resemble a pear or Moai statues from Easter Island.

    The original brick family house with a flat roof near Prague was built in the 1930s and has survived untouched to this day.

    refurbishment of a villa

    The architect’s work on the reconstruction of such a villa from the 1930’s is connected with assessing what is best to leave, what to support and what to demolish. You always reconstruct the house for a reason. You just feel it is worth it. In this case, however, it is important to describe what is worth and to highlight it and support such a thing even if the house was not the work of a famous architect. It is the reason why not to demolish the house and build a brand new one. It is much more complicated and costly to reconstruct this kind of a house than to demolish it and start from the beginning.

    prvorepubliková vilaprvorepubliková vilaThe first-republic house, furniture and all equipment has been worn out by many years of using, it was not in the best shape and has to be replaced. Some of the common things for us today are missing completely. It is especially the waterproofing of the substructure, which is actually not there and you have to add it. There is no thermal insulation and you have to give the house a new compliant surface and meet the low-energy standard. The windows were hard to be opened or closed. The renovation of a villa basically means that you have to replace everything except the load-bearing walls with a new one. However, the first-republic brick house has its own spirit, which makes it worthwhile to undertake this demanding and long-term work.

    organic extension

    The modern form of the extension of the house best complements the original austere functionalist shape and adds a feminine element to the complex. It is designed as a timber structure.

    The interiors of the two annexed rooms above each other subtly reflect the external irregular shape and the circle windows provide a beautiful view of the large garden.

    The villa is designed as a three-storey building with a functional basement, which is, however, facing the garden at ground level, and living roof. This way of using the house is best to preserve, but in a completely new form.

    connection with the garden

    We added a basement room, which is level with the garden and is a different experience in conjunction with a garden than a higher floors.

    new entrance

    to the villa remained on the same facade, but was slightly moved forward and modified. The ramp then gently descends from the gate into the garage.

    rekonstrukce prvorepublikové vily terasaliving on the roof

    Originally the villa had only an exit to the habitable roof. We designed a living room with large glazing and staying on the roof in a wooden house with a beautiful view gained in attractiveness. Everything is available here. Bathroom, toilet and small bar with kitchenette.


    The way of living has changed significantly from the time of the 1930’s to the present day, the level of technology, furniture and equipment has undergone a huge leap. The way we use the house is different and today’s modern family house has to reflect all these aspects. Nevertheless, it is possible to follow and inspire with the original morphology of the functionalist interior and reuse it in its present form.

    furniture and equipment

    The restored 1930’s house for the 21st century in the middle of the Czech Republic is suitably complemented by new furniture inspired by the original design.

    Preliminary sketches of a house.