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marshmello sofa

    Design of a sofa soft like a marshmello for a girl’s room.

    Study of functionalist sofa design into reading corner by girl’s room window. The sofa should look soft, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to sit on. There should be storage space for a book, phone, or tablet to be recharged.

    Quiet reader’s nook

    The sofa is seated in a small corner alcove where you can read and contemplate undisturbed.

    Comfortable seating

    High soft padding made of several layers of PUR foam fulfills the idea of comfortable rest.

    Detail of work

    In the design and execution, attention is paid to detail. The functionalist sofa is upholstered with an alkantara that is soft to the touch and sewn with a double white thread that contrasts with the colour of the upholstery and completes the overall design.