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staircase penetrating the library wall

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    All wooden elements, including the floor, are made in a combination of solid teak wood and white lacquered wood. The main object is the design of library furniture, stairs and a built-in bedroom in the interior of the living room. The design furniture of the library is designed from DTD boards white lacquered with solid teak veneers on the front edges. The logic of the design is that the body of the library “merges” with the back wall and, conversely, the body of the wooden staircase with a fine grid of plywood protrudes to the foreground. The individual modules of the library can be further divided by a “cross” shelf, which can be moved freely. On the back wall of the living room, the same plywood motif is used as the tiling as on the library. The wooden design staircase is designed to be simple with different thicknesses of individual steps and sub-steps, so that we let the natural beauty of solid teak stand out. The teak floor is laid in the whole space and in this way connects it into a single unit.