house refurbishment

1. Meeting.
We will guide you step by step through the entire process from design and project to actual implementation.

Each of our new projects begins with an interview about how you want to live in a new house. This introductory interview will then lead to follow-up steps to this end.

We will create a new house and modern living.

We make designs and studies of home renovations to meet the demands of contemporary modern living.
We deal with conversions and additions. Whether it is possible to extend the house. How to change the layout and also what will be the price of a complete renovation of the house and the total time required.

2. Paperwork
We make a complete project and arrange all permits.

It is essential to prepare everything thoroughly during the preparation phase. Make a complete house renovation project, Ensure the necessary permits. Before commencing the renovation of the house, it is necessary to discuss its intentions at the relevant building office and find out what permits or decisions will have to be obtained. We provide consultation with the authorities and the necessary statements and building permits. We provide zoning decisions, building permits and after the completion of the agreement to use the house. Price. The total price of the renovation of the house is determined on the basis of the project and the budget, made on the basis of the necessary specifications. When it comes to the complete renovation of the house, which is the vast majority of cases, the price will be close to the price of a new house. In the complete renovation of the house you have to get rid of all old and old structures and replace them with new ones. Basically, you will not have more of the original house than a rough building, which will probably need additional insulation.

3. Construction
We will take care of the selection of suppliers and construction of the house up to complete completion.

Up to this stage, everything is just preparation. Important, but only preparation. The real creation begins when excavators arrive on the plot and bricks are laid. That is why we are in our projects until their construction, until they are fully completed and put into operation.

4. Completion

The completely finished and fully functional house will be handed over to you for comfortable use.