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hassle free

This program is very simple, we take over all the hassle.

The design and construction of a house is an extensive and long-term process and requires a lot of experience and strong nerves in order for everything to turn out well. Construction has a reputation as a jungle, where price, deadline and quality are not met, and the winner is the one with bigger shoulders and stronger nerves. Unfortunately it is true.

We have created a safe environment for you, in which even a person without experience will go through the whole process, enjoy it and at the end will have a beautiful house which might be covered even in newspapers.

The process

We go step by step to always focus on the essentials and not overwhelm you with excessive demands and questions.

  1. We create a house

Creating a house is a joint venture, where we work mainly on the basis of your assignment and inspection of the land. Your basic feeling will be that this is your house the one you want.

2. We get the building permit

In this phase, we create the prescribed project documentation and secure the building permit. We will transfer the house, which we created together in the previous step, into technical and official documentation.

3. We will build the house

At the moment when the building permit is issued, we will start its implementation. He has been building houses for 25 years and we work with companies with which we have experience and long-term relationships. We take over all worries and negotiations with companies and guarantee you the completion of the house on time, quality and agreed price.

4. We finish the house

We will complete the construction of the house, put it into operation, secure approval and hand it over to you for use.

One contact

The construction of a house is a complex and long-term process that requires constant supervision and even after completion it is necessary to take care of the house. “One contact” for you means that you have only our number and we will take care of everything.