luxury on a top floor

hassle free

This program is very simple, we take over all the hassle. The design and construction of a house is an extensive and long-term process and requires a lot of experience and strong nerves in order for everything to turn out well. Construction has a reputation… Read More »hassle free

this villa was in newspapers

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Unique reconstruction of the functionalist villa and its organic extension, which may resemble a pear or Moai statues from Easter Island. The original brick family house with a flat roof near Prague was built in the 1930s and has survived untouched to this day. refurbishment… Read More »this villa was in newspapers

The Base B1

The futuristic house surreally situated on the moon. The house is divided into individual modules. Day-living module, where the living room, kitchen and dining room is located and is connected to the garden by glass walls. Night-bedroom module with individual bedrooms, bathrooms and dressing room.… Read More »The Base B1

room for a poet

Each house should have its own poetic room. It is a place that is not for anything specific, but can be for everything. Such a room is usually located sidewayes, preferably on the roof and with access to a large terrace overlooking the countryside.

consulting for companies

F1: You are facing a construction project, you will invest considerable resources and you have no experience in this area. We have prepared the following program for you: