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cutting through principles

    We created this chandelier for the house in Pyšely to correspond with its basic functionalist character. It combined the functionalist and utilitarian element (industrially manufactured glass laboratory tubes) and the artistic aspect (using the tubes in a completely free way for another purpose – chandelier over the dining table).

    The intersection is literal

    The 4 tubes intersect freely in two Perspex carriers so that they can be pulled out and retracted as required. Everything is interconnected with red braided cables that correspond with red motifs throughout the house.

    Sculptors and artists often work with commercially available materials that they transform into artefacts. They use them as the building blocks for new works. They see in them a kind of basic quality that they want to use further.

    Use of everyday material

    In the case of the chandelier for Pyšely the basic building element is a simple glass tube with a diameter of 30mm, manufactured by Kavalier Sázava for laboratory purposes. The tube is fitted with a square aluminium profile fitted with led lights and also a coiled tube of non-combustible paper, which scatters light so as not to dazzle.