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Countryside leisure project Neveklov

    Countryside leisure complex with large garden and space for exercise and recreation

    Exercise hall
    The exercise room of the circular ground plan protrudes from the outline of the house and intersects with the surrounding garden
    Spacious entrance and entrance
    In front of the house, connected to the road is a generous space for entrance and parking

    Two country houses are located in the central part of the plot and at the same time open south to a large garden. The private part deviates slightly from the guest section so that they do not interfere with each other. Both houses are connected by a garage and a shelter for further parking of vehicles. The main motive is a protruding exercise room that connects with the garden. At the opposite end of the layout is a wellness area with sauna, hot tub and relaxation room.

    Since there is a private house and a guest house in one garden, it was necessary to design the garden so that the activities do not interfere with each other. The individual interior spaces of the house have their adjacent part of the garden and do not see each other.

    A distinctive motif of the gardens are two lakes connected by a stream. These ponds fulfill the function of ornamental, but especially functional, because they retain rainwater.

    The basic building materials are masonry from ceramic blocks plastered with white smooth scaffolding. The roof is made of anthracite Beronit templates with titanium zinc sheeting.