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consulting for companies


    You are facing a construction project, you will invest considerable resources and you have no experience in this area.

    We have prepared the following program for you:

    Consulting with cheaf architect, Ing. arch. Igor David

    Before you start spending big money, you need to consider what risks you will face during the design, permitting and construction process and what procedures you will have to go through before your building is ready, completed and in operation.

    Basically, you are into a

    development project,

    which has its pitfalls and if you have no experience in this area you will be exposed to

    severe risks.

    A development project is a long-term project and many things can change during a preparation and construction period.

    The building that will be possible to implement on a given plot is affected by a number of factors such as the planning, technical infrastructure, foundation conditions, etc. These conditions must be identified in advance and included in the design process.

    If you have no experience with such a project, we offer you

    free consulting