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Boat in the country

    Design of a modern countryside villa

    The house with a flat roof is designed as a slender stretched boat forever anchored in the landscape. Each room ranks behind, like officers on board. Service rooms, garages, children’s rooms and a generous living area of the room, dining room and kitchen, which head to the center of a large plot with a pond with a wooden pier.

    The low, spacious house opens through rich glazing into the garden and countryside of Mlada Boleslav. Its shape resembles a ship with a captain’s bridge and a wooden deck. On the ground floor are all living rooms and bedrooms except the main one. It is located “side” on the roof with its own facilities and terrace.

    Captain’s bridge

    The only room upstairs, as on the Captain’s Bridge, is the master bedroom with the necessary accessories of the dressing room and bathroom. The floor is designed as a low-energy wooden building.

    Windows concept

    The design of rich glazing of the front living space opens the interior of the house to the garden. On the other hand, the more modest windows of the children’s rooms evoke a more intimate and closed atmosphere.