architectural & design studio

Architectural design studio is led by two experienced architects Ing. arch. Igor DAVID and Ing. arch. Ales DAVID. Studio consists of a skilled and experienced team that ensures all work necessary for the design, project management, negotiation with authorities and realization of buildings and interiors.

• Our proposals, it is a creative and imaginative way of expressing what’s on your mind and needs to be formulated.
• Our projects, it is the team of people with expertise and experience, which focuses on the successful completion of the work.

s e r v i c e s:

New building. An unique new house

Reconstruction. The best of the old and authentic with contemporary and modern

Interior. Great opera scene. Work of art itself, but remains in the background, and inspires his actors for the action

Design. Architecture in detail. Tailored to fit the space, style and purpose

We participate in all stages of the design and construction of the house

architectural study

projectn drawings

planning and building permits

bidding procedure

construction supervision

acceptance and commissioning

First step: a r c h i t e c t u r a l  s t u d y

Building a house is a challenging, long-term and complex process, and most importantly takes place at the very beginning. It is the creation of architectural study. In this study all ideas, desires, expectations, place that you have chosen potential will materialize. It will be the first step when thoughts begin to gather real contours, initially in the form of sketches and sketches. What will the study be, so you will feel in your house.

First meeting

Everything begins with an interview, we talk about how you live, how you want to live, what you want. We have to look at what place you have chosen for your future, what it provides, what is the potential and how to use it. We make first sketches and designs.

t e a m

Ing. arch. Igor David registered architect and Ing. arch. Aleš David; +420 299 140 550;

p r o f e s s i o n s

• Ing. Martin Kratěna; mechanical, 777 587 665
• Čeněk Valenta; electical
• Jiří Kubát, Etech; EZS, electical
• Ing. Robert Fiala; structural
• Ing. Vojtěch Pavlíček; structural
• Ing. Jaroslava Háková, permitting
Kateřina Smolíková, glass
Dalibor David, art painter
• Pavel Šmíd, art painter
Pavlína Valdová, art painter
• Experting, insurance

c o n t r a c t o r s

Alnus, joynery
Žatec, 415 741 842,
• Truhlářství Tesař Kváskovice, joynery
nabytek tesar
Etech s.r.o.; Jiří Kubát
• Jiří Rössler, joynery
• Lukáš Ruta, upholstery
Goolst s.r.o., electrical
Altryss, podlahy, Roman Čaj, 608 555 488,
Jan Zíma, painter

s u p p l y e r s

• Rendl Lighting Studio, Praha
• Ptáček koupelny, Praha
• Archtiles s.r.o., Praha
Internal, doors;
Mija-Therm, glass
Samé žaluzie, blinds
Almma, blinds
TTK okna, windows
Empate, stairs
Perfekt kámen, stone


c o n t a c t

AdLab s.r.o. 
Hradčanská Office Center, vchod “A“, 2. patro
Milady Horákové 116/109 160 00  Praha 6 – Hradčany
T: +420 299 140 550E: studio@davidarchitekti.czna facebookuna Instagramuna Twitteru

s t u d i o  h i s t o r y

Since 1993, we run the practice of architecture and project studio, which we founded together with our father Ing. Jiří David. We have a realization in the Czech Republic and Great Britain in cooperation with the studio Ferguson, Cale and Sayell partnership. We have built private houses, development residential projects, corporate buildings, interiors. Our practice includes industrial design and development of building components, furniture and furnishings.

Historically, we continue to work our father Ing. Jiri David, who was the project manager of large industrial developments such as sugar mills, cement plants and lime works worldwide and grandfather, Ing. arch. David Rudolf, who ran an architectural practice in Hradec Kralove. Later, he worked on regional land-use planning office, where he oversaw the many significant buildings in and around Hradec Králové. We also follow the line of our second grandfather, Ladislav Cerny, who was a bricklayer.